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"What is Wireless Internet Access?"
This is a new method of delivering high speed Internet access to the customer without the need for any land-based infrastructure. A wireless PC card or Access Point is connected via an antenna to our network.

1 Outdoor Antenna
2 Outdoor Wireless Modem
3 Indoor Wireless Router
4 Wireless Adaptor for Desktop PC if needed
5 Surge/Reboot power strip
(only SWOI equip. should be plugged into this strip)

"How fast is it?"
Speed will depend on your Southwest Oklahoma Internet Package choice. You should experience transfer rates faster than your modem connection. The graphics below should give you an idea of the speed difference between wireless and modem connections.

modem connection

wireless connection
"What does it cost?"
The residential installation rate can be found on our packages page.

"Is the connection always on?"
Yes. There is no dialup, no connecting and no waiting. If your computer is on, the connection is running.

"Is the service affected by weather?"
No. Unlike your satellite television service, our signal is land based. Weather does not affect the signal.

"What is the coverage area?"
If you are within a reasonable Line Of Sight (LOS) to one of our access points, see our coverage area page for details, there is a good chance you can subscribe to our service. Factors that influence the connection range include antenna height and tree cover. If you have a high place to mount the antenna (ie: a TV antenna tower) and no trees blocking your view towards our access point, the range of the service may be extended.

"If my house is within LOS of your access point, can I definitely get the service?"
Not necessarily. There are LOS and tree issues as mentioned above. The only way to determine feasibility is to conduct a site survey. Please contact us at (580) 679-3345 for details.


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